Chain Ai Marketing


This product specially for your chain shop. Its is hard to maintain all the chain shop with a simple campaign. the sometime different campaigns are better for a different area. this AI takes care of all the obstacles.

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Make very first decision

  1. Use it fro one chain then distribute the responsibility.
  2. Make a complex decision for complex customer
  3. Make uninterrupted communication with the customer

This tools can make the decision faster than your CEO or director.

Do you run a business? Are you worried about marketing your business products? Do you want to make your business more profitable by marketing your products at the fastest time and with the accurate decision? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then our AI Marketing tutorial can be the perfect solution for you.

The importance and role of Artificial Intelligence in the modern world is undeniable. There is no pair of Artificial Intelligence to do any task at the fastest time and in the right way. Artificial Intelligence can be a turning point in the marketing of your business products at the minimum cost. In this tutorial series, you will be able to learn about the use of Artificial Intelligence and various tools related to product marketing for your business.

Here is the full documentation of this AI :


Set Facebook Page

Set Messenger Apps

Set AI

Set Github Ripo

Set Cloud Houting

Set Chatbot


Manychat Traning

Flask Apps Traning

Github Traning

Heroku Traning

HubSpot CRM Traning

Wit.AI traning


So don’t be too late to take your business at the top of the marketplace with this amazing tutorial series on “AI Marketing”.




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